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Inspired by Frida Kahlo's life and work, pupils in the schoolroom tried to create artworks while managing different physical impairments...Here's what they learned:

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Frida Kahlo was involved in a bus accident at the age of 18 in 1925. After the accident it impacted on her life quite a lot as it was so severe, some of the injuries included three breaks to her spinal column, two broken ribs and much more. She couldn’t move at all but despite everything she chose to paint. This was a huge struggle for her but she found ways to paint self-portraits. 

Aliyah (15)

We had to draw and paint pictures of ourselves but the paper was on our chests and we could only look at a mirror to see what we were doing and we could not hold the paper up. It made me feel annoyed because I couldn’t look down at what I was doing. I felt frustrated as well because it was too hard for me to do. Frida Kahlo might have felt worried because she might get pain in one of her injuries and she might have felt angry because she had to keep asking and asking for help.

Bobbi-Jo (8)

Her eyebrows made her look like she was strong and fierce. Frida Kahlo said, “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can.” This tells us that she had lots of courage to paint and not give up and. It tells us that you can do a lot more stuff than you think you can do.

Diyer (10)

I think it felt annoying because Frida Kahlo could not have done anything by herself, she always needed support from other people to help her. Also she lost her independence. She would need help with personal things such as; going to the toilet, bathing, getting dressed, eating and drinking. We can support others by offering to help them if they can’t do something. We might think bad of people with disabilities but it’s inside that matters.

Arif (11)


Pupils in the schoolroom and those at the bedside worked extremely hard yesterday to independently plan, design and direct a fantastic animation on the theme "Under the Sea."  I hope you enjoy it!


At the war memorial

Soldiers from the 68th Signal Squadron laid a wreath created by pupils on Acorn Ward.  A huge thank you to the soldiers who supported our pupils to commemorate this important day.


We learnt about chromatography.  We used chromatography to find out about the different colour dyes in Smarties.  We found out that there are blue and purple dyes in the red Smarties.

We collected leaves, beetroot and carrots from the garden.  We mixed them with water and repeated the chromatography experiment to find out about their different pigments.

F, age 9; B age 7 and M age 13


I've spent two days in the schoolroom.

On day one my teacher's name was Ailsa and we made friendship bracelets and did work on weighing and measuring.  It was fun and Ailsa made us feel relaxed.

On Friday we made friendship posters and had a discussion about what makes a good friend.  I even made a new friend!  I had Jo and Tracey and they made the day fun.

The schoolroom is important as it takes your mind off of being poorly.

D, age 10


The lesson was fun.  The art was good and I liked doing the self-portrait and disappointed that I didn't get to finish it off.  And the cooking class was great.  Thank you until next time.

O, age 15


In school today, I had lots of fun.  I'm in year 11 so I have my GCSE exams soon.  They took the time to go over "An Inspector Calls" and "Of Mice and Men" books.  They made revising not a problem or boring but a lot of fun.  I got lots of notes down and learnt a lot.

P, age 15


This morning I made my own passport to go on my dream holiday with Jo and Tracey.  After that I looked at persuasive devices and I made my own advert for my dream holiday.

In the afternoon I researched on a computer my two favourite countries.  I completed 2 fact files.  Also I helped Jo and Tracey fix the Smart Board.

When I come to school we do very fun lessons and it helps me take my mind off being sick with my sickle cell.  Sometimes when I come to school I meet loads of new friends!


Love from J.



When we first came we got to know each other and we named sea animals and chose one and made a PowerPoint about it.  I liked it because it was really fun and interesting.

Z, aged 12


It is a place where you learn so much whilst having so much fun.  The kids you meet and the teachers you spend time with just make my day.  It is a place full of tranquility and enjoyment.

A, aged 12


Today we made Top Trump cards of the most dangerous sea creatures and where they live.  This morning we made a PowerPoint of a sea creature of our choice and we presented it.  It was very fun and I enjoyed it, we got through a lot of work and I learnt a lot.

L, aged 11