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Hornbeam Academy


Your teachers suggest that you play some fun word games to help you to develop your vocabulary.  Boggle and Scrabble are fun and you might even get good enough to beat your teachers!


Key Stage 1

There are lots of free educational games to play here.  Can you blend the words to earn coins in "Buried Treasure"?  Can you work out whether Obb and Bob's words are real or made up?

Key Stage 2

You can find lots of games here which cover all kinds of interesting subjects.  Find something fun and share it with your teacher in your next lesson.

Key Stage 3

Try some of the tasks here to help you to develop your reading and writing skills.  Make sure you show your teacher what you have done.

Key Stage 4

Prepare for your English Language paper here:

and your English Literature paper here:

Simply choose your exam board, select a topic and away you go...!


Or, for a more detailed introduction to your topics, work through the PowerPoint presentations below: